Radiance Global Network is an experienced education consultant, who deeply believes in shaping the future of our students who wants to enhance their knowledge through the platform of education. Our values and beliefs are equally reinforced through numerous ways to provide better quality services to the students. In a basic way, we are top to bottom committed to giving better training consultancy administrations to our customers.

We have direct contact with all first-rate colleges and universities abroad. This implies our customers will confront no deferrals and bother to secure their offer letters in their hands.

  • Being customer focused.
  • Offering excellent quality consultancy service.
  • Working with integrity.
  • Ensuring responsible counseling through effective teamwork.
  • Achieving excellence in whatever we do.

Our Mission & Vision:

  • To provide the utmost level of encouragement and support to students who aspire to get overseas in Malaysia, China, the UK, the USA, Australia, and Canada.
  • To provide up-to-date information and course details of the universities and the necessary information about studying abroad through a free counseling service.
  • To provide effortless and distinctive quality service and commit to improving continually.
  • To provide the services for admission and after admission. Our care and concern continue from start to end. We offer first-hand assistance to students studying in various countries, including airport pickup services, arranging accommodations, and even opening bank accounts.
  • We stay in regular contact with our students and liaise with universities as well as parents in monitoring students’ academic progress.
  • To provide information about the scholarship program in the countries we represent.
  • To promote the all-around development of students’ abilities and personalities, and empower their potential.
  • To help the students find a quick and easy but more cost-effective way to study in the universities of the above-mentioned countries.

Why Choose Radiance Global Network?

Our commitment is not simply on the regulatory obligation but a genuine drive to help clients with diligence and professionalism in order to bring positive changes to their lives. Our experience and knowledge are dedicated to providing the best service in Counseling for visa applications; student visas, student dependent; Partner/Child visas, and Visit visas. We take pride in maintaining client satisfaction by using the unique experiences that we have derived since the inception of our establishment.

We are the authorized representative of many universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, China, and European countries. We have already served thousands of students at home and abroad with commitment and every year it is growing.

We have experienced and professional counselors to make your voyage more pleasant. We assist with expert knowledge throughout the whole admission process.

Our Success Story

Every year, we assist more than 200 students at their desired universities. We have expanded our services to one-to-one career counseling as well as choosing and selecting courses and universities for higher studies. We arrange resident coordinators in foreign university campuses to support our students’ day-to-day needs.

We also analyze and sort out the application requirements for processing, assisting, and resolving credit transfers or exceptions. We also provide visa guidance, assist in visa applications, and even arrange accommodations for our students there.

It definitely makes their lives easier and more comfortable in foreign settings, which eventually helps to boost their confidence to do well in their competitive degrees. We make an effective bridge between the student and the university. More than thousands of our students are studying in different universities in the World.

Services we are Happy to Provide

Our prominent services are quite popular among the students and professionals who are familiar with our norms and ideals. A wide range of facilities and services we offer to our clients.

  • We provide options to apply for multiple courses from multiple universities.
  • We help you to prepare and submit all necessary documents.
  • We help to prepare a study plan (Statement of Purpose) and reference letter.
  • We provide visa guidance for visa formalities, help you to fill out the visa application, provide you complete assistance in all visa procedures and ensure you submit the right document for your visa and personal interview guidance.
  • We keep up-to-date information about all the countries where we send our students.
  • Our counselors evaluate results, financial abilities, and other factors, and suggest several suitable universities according to the evaluation and circumstances.